Thalassa Mahdia

Zone Touristique Mahdia - BP 61 / Mahdia / Tunisia, 5100, Mahdia, Tunisia
Telephone : (+216) 73 682 333
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Luxury , charm and well-being

Mahdia, called Aphrodisium in the Roman times, is one of the main fishing ports in Tunisia. Its fame hangs on two peculiarities: the most beautiful beaches and the best fish in Tunisia.

For ages, Mahdia has always shown its relaxed rhythm of life… Tunisian people even say that life is nice and peaceful in this town and its inhabitants have the reputation to be friendly and calm and attached to their traditions, especially in the ceremonies of weddings.
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The Thalassa Mahdia, , only a few miles from Mahdia center-town (where you can admire an original marine cemetery and an imposing Medina) is situated on an astonishing white sandy beach. Our guests often compare these marine landscapes to those of Maldives because of the same emerald and blue colors of the Sea. Transparency and purity of the water are much appreciated by our guests.

The Thalassa Mahdia has been renovated at the beginning of 2008. Its 233 rooms distributed on three levels offer breathtaking views on the Mediterranean Sea

For our guests who like sea water treatment and spa, the Elyssa Thalasso Spa (2000 m²) is combining a wide variety of spa and sea-water cares, including specific beauty treatments in its 40 cabins.

Entertainment is not a small word at Thalassa Mahdia : every day, our entertainment team will do everything to satisfy you and will propose original day and night activities for every member of your family.